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Different- Kid x Mermaid!Reader pt.2
                                                Continuation to : |Different| One Piece Contest Entry

                You still couldn't believe that you are now part of a pirate crew. Sure, your tailfin is bleeding because of your own stupidity but at least now you have a new family. You see that the masked man, Killer, is looking at you. You crawl over and hold his hands together i
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 15 2
Karma Akabane by PsychoticChoco Karma Akabane :iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 5 3
|Different| One Piece Contest Entry
Words- 1,264    
    You swim and swim and swim and it feels like forever. With nothing but your trusty daggers, your determination, and your strength you run away, or rather swim away from home. And by home, it was the tiny space under the Red Line that most merfolk and fishpeople called home. It made you sick how they could live happily there their whole lives, when the sea is vast and boundless. Queen Otohime's words ring through your mind.
                "Why is it? Why is it that we... we who can easily live anywhere in the ocean, out of the whole wide waters, the whole dark seabed, why do we all choose to live in this one tiny place?!"
                After a few years since the incident you decided to live a life of freedom, much like a pirate. A pirate that shows no fear and has boundless f
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 11 0
Low Class pt.5

                'Building 3 is where the combat is trained.' You thought back.
                You follow Shanks inside and there he teaches a group of students. A rather weird group of students. There was a dog human (?) and a rabbit human. You keep your amazement to yourself after realizing that they were the ones called minks.
                "Kay! Today we'll be learning how to defend ourselves without the means of weapons!" Shanks exclaims.
                "This'll be easy." Kid smirks.
                "If you say so, Kid, why not sharing the floor with me?" He says.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 22 6
Rescue- Killer x Reader pt.6

                At the dining hall, everyone sits on their respective places, and Souil sits to your left, leaving Killer to sit to your right. Needless to say, it was nerve-wracking, though Killer keeps your fear at bay simply by being by your side. Yet Souil's presence makes you absolutely uneasy. Even while dining you can feel his gaze on you and you had to resist the urge of taking your fork and stabbing him in the eye and pulling it out. No, you couldn't throw your hard work of keeping yourself sane into just one action, you had to plan it. Whether it be running away, overthrowing your own family, or whatever it may be. Overthrowing your parents sounded like a good idea since in just a few months you'll be-
                "Oh I can't wait for our daughter's wedding next week!" Your mother gushes.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 12 3
Master- Kid x Android!Reader pt.1

    Metal clinking, wood creaking, heavy breathing. The waves crash against the side of the ship as it always does. Such a fine day outside, but there are much more important matters to attend to than spending the day outside and having fun. Fun wasn't in his vocabulary anyway. Eustass Kid, once again in his own little mechanized paradise with constant help from his first mate, Killer. After days of working on a project, he has finally done it and hopefully, it's successful this time around.
    It was seated in a chair, carefully placed, and he held both of its hands in his own silently hoping its activation would go off without a hitch. He flips the switch on its nape and on the base of its neck a green light beeps continuously. He faintly hears whirring inside its mechanism. He grows impatient and a scowl paints his lips.
    “What is wrong with that damn thing? It sh
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 30 11
Come here pt.4/ Dear Reader pt.2 Law's Birthday

                /Yes? /
                "I learned something today."
                /Oh, that's nice. What is it? /
                "Someone named Trafalgar Law has a birthday tomorrow. I think we should give them a gift."
                /Oh yeah that's right! What do you want to do though? /
                "Put me into one of your stories!"
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 19 6
Low Class pt.4

                You spend time with Luffy and his friends until they had to go back to their classes. You wave goodbye and you are left alone again. You decide to go back to the Coliseum again since you wanted to talk to Kid for no apparent reason. Maybe comfort from another demon. You reach the forest and while walking you can hear the screams of the audience just asking for more bloodshed.
                'I'm surprised they have something like this in a school.' You thought.
                For others, it was a bit too extreme but with your past experiences, nothing comes close. You enter the place and sit on the lowest part of the seats so he can see you clearly. It was a 5 v 1 match with Kid all alone. You sit comfortably and watch his movements careful
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 24 7
Dear Reader- OP Fanfic

                (Disclaimer: This is a One Piece fan fiction)
                You open your eyes and sit up. You look around confused.
                "What? Where's that voice coming from?" You ask.
                You stand up and look around. Everything is white.
                "Where am I? Hello? Help please!" You plead.
                "Who's there?" You look around wildly.
                "What are you saying? Are you narrating me?"
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 3 5
Low Class pt.3

                A white haired man approaches you.
                "Luffy, if you're bringing a visitor then come to me first, don't just barge in there." The man reminds.
                "Oh, sorry Smokie!" Luffy laughs.
                The man grumbles and gives you a visitor's pass.
                You smile at him and thank him.
                You all pass the gates and go into a building. You look around with curiosity and instinctively go closer to Luffy.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 25 12
Low Class- One Piece x Reader pt.2

                Sabo prepares dinner and you watch Luffy and Ace play video games. You follow their hand movements and you are amazed.
                "Such coordinated movements." You marvel.
                Luffy notices you and pauses the game. He offers his controller to you and you just look at it.
                "Want to try?" Luffy asks.
                "Yeah, try it out." Ace adds.
                "I'd rather not. You may go back to your uhh." You pause as you forget the term they used.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 21 9
Low Class- One Piece x Reader pt.1 (AU)

                The three brothers do what they usually do on their spare time. Ace and Luffy are both sitting on the couch playing video games, while Sabo is cleaning up after them. Instrumental music is playing and sets the peaceful mood throughout the house. Sabo's phone rings, saying that there is something to be done at the college he and Ace are currently studying at.
                "Ace! Get your butt off the couch and let's go. Mr. Edward has something for us to do." He says before getting his coat and his bag at the counter.
                "Ehhh? Whitebeard? He's strong; he can do things by himself." Ace remarks as he never takes his eyes off the screen.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 38 6
Rescue- Killer x Reader pt.5

                The day continues like it normally does; only you feel safer  and as strange as it sounds, happier. Killer's presence really assures you that everything will be okay and that nothing bad will happen to you. Every time you feel uneasy, scared, or anything of the sort you would just glance at him and everything unpleasant will go away. Night falls and dinner ends, leaving you and Killer to walk back to your room. The moonlight filters through the windows and you admire them for a second before having your blissful state broken by your sister. She stands several feet away from you, a teddy bear in hand and with a tired expression.
                "Sister?" She calls with a frown.
                "Yes my little Vanya?" Yo
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 22 18
Family- Killer x Reader pt.4

               You ran on deck with wide eyes and you were about to jump until someone came in before you could. You realized it was Killer and you perched yourself on the railing, wanting to see two people under the surface of the water. You looked around the area, panicking with tears rolling down your cheeks though they weren’t visible because of the rain. You heard something resurface and saw Kid motionless and Killer supporting him a little ways from where Kid had fallen. Getting a rope with twitchy hands you tossed it to them and let out a shaky breath as he caught it. They got themselves on board and surprisingly the storm stopped raging and the clouds rolled away, letting you bask in sunlight.
                You pumped Kid’s chest as you bit your lip in panic, and you swore you could have fainted in relief wh
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 34 18
Come here- Law x Reader pt.3

                After the swapping incident, you just went back to your room with Red and slept through the day. Evening comes and you aren't at the kitchen eating dinner with everyone, so Law becomes concerned. He opens the door to your room to deliver a tray of food and opens the light and sees you fast asleep. He chuckles as he sits on the side of your bed and looks at your face. He sets the tray down on your bedside table and notices the familiar set of goggles.
                "I'm not in the mood to eat right now." You murmur with your eyes closed.
                "Well you need to eat something." He explains, taking the goggles and examining it.
                You open your ey
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 42 17
Rescue- Killer x Reader pt.4

                Killer comes out of the bathroom as soon as you finish reassuring yourself that everything will be okay. He opens the door and you go out, walking with confidence. You open the door to a room and inside there are various musical instruments, the violin and the piano being your favorite. Your tutor faces you and beckons you inside.
                "You can stay here Killer." You tell him.
                You close and lock the door behind you and go over her. Your tutor then teaches you about how to play the harp which piques your interest. You sit beside it and touch the strings, admiring the way how soothing it sounds. A crash resounds throughout the room and you look to where your tutor is, only she's bleeding.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 21 4


OC Interview
- Choose one of your OCs to answer the questions provided.
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. ^^
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".
:iconPirateQueenD: Did this and it looked like fun, plus a good way to introduce my OC. I have a little bit written for her, but not much. For these questions, everything is post time-skip.
1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Sirenia, but I like to go by Sai.
2. Cool! What's your current age?
I'm 20
3. Kay, what's your favorite food ?
Anything Sanji cooks. It's hard to remember anything else before once you've tasted his food.
4. Favorite drink?
I suppose sake, although I choose water when we aren't partying.
5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on ?
... Yes, but it's new and confusing.
6. Say, uh... Have you two kissed ?
Absolutely not!
7. Who's your favorite author ?
I haven't really had time for reading... I should ask Robin to recommend some books.
8. Biggest fears?
Not being able to protect those I ca
:iconcatqeen1234:catqeen1234 1 1
How to price your artwork for freelance work
For a while now I have been giving pricing suggestions to artists in the projects forum.  I've had many requests and given a lot of advice.  It is getting to the point where there is so much demand that I just can't keep up on the reviews, so I thought I might lessen the burden a little and help you learn how to price your own artwork.
The problem with pricing your own work is that your opinion is not objective.  You may think that your art is better or worse than it actually is.  This is normal, but to get the best evaluation of your art you should ask for help outside your immediate family and friends.  Remember, the project forum is intended for this very purpose.  After following all the steps outlined in this article I implore you to make a thread in the project forum asking if your pricing assessment is accurate.  For example "Is my art worth $XX USD?" would be an appropriate title for your thread and would hel
:iconserbus:serbus 220 73
Pricing Guide for freelance artists
:wave: This is a really useful resource for artists trying to earn money doing freelance work through the Job Offers forum or elsewhere. The original article is here:
"Hello, all. My name is Kellan Stover, a budding professional illustrator close to finishing up his time at the Savannah College of Art and Design, achieving my BFA in illustration. I felt the need to create this news article for the benefit of every artist on deviantArt who intends to make money from their talent.
When one visits the deviantArt 'Employment Opportunities' forum, they should be shocked at what they find. Startling low prices abound. These are both offered by the clients, as well as quoted by the artists. The sad truth is most people aren't shocked at all. The perceived consensus is that it's business as usual. A lower price means an increased likelihood that a client will do business with you, right? In some ways yes, but not at thi
:iconcupcake-wish:cupcake-wish 21 8
How should I price my art?
If you spend a lot of time in the DA forums, you will see this topic spring up again and again. Whether you want to earn a living doing freelance art, or you just want to do an occasional commission, the following guidelines may help you. For the purposes of this journal I'm going to assume that you developed sufficient skill for potential clients to want to purchase your work. If that is not the case, then get back to studying and practicing :)
1) Why is it so difficult to choose a price? Why can't someone look at my art and tell me what to charge? Because your ability to sell something is not just a matter of assigning a price based on your skill level! If three people can draw the same drawing with the same level of skill, one might be able to sell the art for $10, another might be able to sell the art for $100 and the third might not be able to sell it at all depending on how good they are at "marketing" (seeking out or attracting the best clients and convincing them to
:iconfriendlyhand:FriendlyHand 362 125
Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) page 1 by SabrinasCraftingClub Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) page 1 :iconsabrinascraftingclub:SabrinasCraftingClub 1 0 Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) by SabrinasCraftingClub Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) :iconsabrinascraftingclub:SabrinasCraftingClub 1 0 Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) by SabrinasCraftingClub Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) :iconsabrinascraftingclub:SabrinasCraftingClub 1 0
Ok first off I just want to say this was REALLY difficult to judge ;v; like, every single entry set such a high standard and it was incredibly hard to choose the winners. I wish I could give you all prizes akhsgfjkashgf ;v;
Thank you so much to everyone who entered! You guys always manage to make every event on this group a success and a joy to host ^^
And now, the winners...
:bulletblue:First Place:bulletblue:
by :iconcatqeen1234:
Congratulations! You win:
- 1 Month Core Membership (or 400 points)
- Oneshot request (1000 - 3000 words) written by myself, :iconvizkopa:
Please let me know if you'd prefer a Core Membership or points, and note me with your request! ^^
:bulletred:Second Place:bulletred:
by :iconShadowfollowed:
Congratulations! You win:
- 200 Points
- Drabble request (up to 1000 words) written by me
I'll send your points along shortly and please note me with your request!
:bulletyellow:Third Place:bulletyellow:
by :i
:icononepiece-fiction:OnePiece-Fiction 2 14
Meet The Artist! by FloatingMegane-san Meet The Artist! :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,887 331 Jacksepticeye Fanart! - Chibi by FloatingMegane-san Jacksepticeye Fanart! - Chibi :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 613 31 Rediplier Fanart~!! Chibi.ver by FloatingMegane-san Rediplier Fanart~!! Chibi.ver :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 516 13 Puberty hits me well- by FloatingMegane-san Puberty hits me well- :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 157 27 Jacksepticeye Fanart~! by FloatingMegane-san Jacksepticeye Fanart~! :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 687 78 WOY fanart! -2016 by FloatingMegane-san WOY fanart! -2016 :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 286 31 Doodle PewdieCry ft.SLENDER by FloatingMegane-san Doodle PewdieCry ft.SLENDER :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 522 14 Doodle Puppy Cry! by FloatingMegane-san Doodle Puppy Cry! :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 291 27



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title yeah
one more day darlings, tomorrow is THE ONLY DAY TO CLEAR THE CLEARANCE THEY GAVE TO US
wtf right that should be a week, or even several weeks
Still have thesis, might have requirements to fulfill
we're in debt in school, 17K to pay for the fucking tuition that I want to refund since I LEARNED NOTHING
sure i gained new friends, but fucking hell the tuition fee is not worth it
okay im lying at the last part, our school actually looks pretty good FROM THE OUTSIDE
go enroll and you just want to die
that opinion was very biased since, as people here don't really know is that I got "sad" since I came here
I don't want to use the term "depressed" lightly since I know people have it wore than me, and I'm not even clinically diagnosed
Yeah I guess you can only call yourself depressed if you diagnosed, any other time you call yourself that people will just ask you if you're diagnosed with it
Say no and they'll say SUCK IT UP
Say yes and they'll sympathize you

idfk with people man
Hopefully suffering ends soon
sorry for the rambling on my last journal, today's my weekend and i thought i could spend it in a CHILL manner

but fucking hell
school sucks in general
i thought it was getting better but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
thesis defense was done yesterday (friday) passing of the revised papers on monday
today is saturday and we just had a tiring hip hop dance practice for our major performance task on p.e., to be performed on tuesday
we have examinations on both monday and tuesday
i am just physically, emotionally, and mentally tired today
my fucking groupmates are just fucking dickheads
i am just tired
i said i wanted to change for the better emotionally but might as well have an emotional breakdown now and get it over with right
because of this fucking thesis and pieces of shit groupmates i had a fucking breakdown twice now
prolly no big deal since hEY im not clinically diagnosed with depression or anxiety sooooooooooooo i have no right to say that im DEPRESSED or ANXIOUS or anything riiiiiiiiiight

fucking hell this fucking thesis will be the LITERAL death of me

and yes i do know what LITERALLY means dont take me for those people who say literally when they really mean to say metaphorically or something
- Choose one of your OCs to answer the questions provided.
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. ^^
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".

EYYYYYYYY this was interesting so WHY NOT

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Yo. I'm Seth Aurelius, my crew calls me Captain and sometimes Captain Shet which is just a misspelled variation of Shit. :\

2. Cool! What's your current age?

Fockin 21.

3. Kay, what's your favorite food ?

Pastries baked by my first mate, Miyoko, especially her Devil's Food Cake, IT'S FOCKIN HEAVENLY.

4. Favorite drink?

Chocolate, anything sweet really.

5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on ?

Eustass 'Captain' Kid. There, I said it. He's fockin hot bruv, and we're two types of crazy!

6. Say, uh... Have you two kissed ?

Nope, I think he despises me since I'm competing with his level of crazy.

7. Who's your favorite author ?

Creator of One Piece, GODA OF COURSE. Next comes my creator, Pat.

8. Biggest fears?

Helplesness, and unable to do anything when my crew needs me the most.

9. Any siblings?

In the real world yeah, just one, but I don't have any in this world.

10. Almost done! It's only 20 questions. Who's your real hero?

My first mate Miyoko, she's the reason why I'm still alive and stronger than I've been before.

11. Okay, who's your worst enemy?

The space between me and my darling Kid.

12. Huh, alright. Who's your best friend?

Fockin Miyoko!

13. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?

Thank him/her (that genderfluid bastard) for making me as badass as one person can be!

14. Now, what's your worst memory?

Seeing Miyoko's eye bleeding after she took a blow for me...

15. What's your worst nightmare?

Being unable to do anything while my whole crew dies around me.

16. What's your lifelong dream ?


17. What would happen if your lifelong dream came true?

I get to be Pirate Queen, duh.

18. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?

Anywhere, really. Especially hanging upside down from the branch of the mast.

19. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?

Being stupid with Miyoko, eating her baking, sleeping, killing people, you know the normal stuff.

20. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.

Nah bruv. They've probably done it already but maybe just one... :iconshikyojinsei:
clears throat
looking for an OC 
will put it in Low Class as an instructor that teaches mundane things, most likely has homeroom in building 1
like science and stuff like that
comment or something idk hahha


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