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Low Class pt.6
    Remembering the orange-haired guy's advice earlier, you decide to warp to your summoner, Luffy. A light violet mist comes up from the ground and gently envelops you. On the place you were about to warp, which is actually a classroom, some students were panicking as the light violet mist rolled in and the instructor just seems amused.
    "Miss! Are we being cursed?" A student asks, panicking.
    "No! I think we're being transported to another dimension!" Another shouts.
    "Maybe it's nothing?" A calm student suggests, but it wasn't heard over the commotion.
    "Calm down students, as a professional instructor and guardian of this institution I can tell that this is harmless. There is no need to panic." Her green eyes scan the room, making eye contact with each and every student and putting them at ease.
    Luffy didn't seem to mind t
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Different- Kid x Mermaid!Reader pt.2
                                                Continuation to : |Different| One Piece Contest Entry

                You still couldn't believe that you are now part of a pirate crew. Sure, your tailfin is bleeding because of your own stupidity but at least now you have a new family. You see that the masked man, Killer, is looking at you. You crawl over and hold his hands together i
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 18 2
Karma Akabane by PsychoticChoco Karma Akabane :iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 6 3
|Different| One Piece Contest Entry
Words- 1,264    
    You swim and swim and swim and it feels like forever. With nothing but your trusty daggers, your determination, and your strength you run away, or rather swim away from home. And by home, it was the tiny space under the Red Line that most merfolk and fishpeople called home. It made you sick how they could live happily there their whole lives, when the sea is vast and boundless. Queen Otohime's words ring through your mind.
                "Why is it? Why is it that we... we who can easily live anywhere in the ocean, out of the whole wide waters, the whole dark seabed, why do we all choose to live in this one tiny place?!"
                After a few years since the incident you decided to live a life of freedom, much like a pirate. A pirate that shows no fear and has boundless f
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Low Class pt.5

                'Building 3 is where the combat is trained.' You thought back.
                You follow Shanks inside and there he teaches a group of students. A rather weird group of students. There was a dog human (?) and a rabbit human. You keep your amazement to yourself after realizing that they were the ones called minks.
                "Kay! Today we'll be learning how to defend ourselves without the means of weapons!" Shanks exclaims.
                "This'll be easy." Kid smirks.
                "If you say so, Kid, why not sharing the floor with me?" He says.
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Rescue- Killer x Reader pt.6

                At the dining hall, everyone sits on their respective places, and Souil sits to your left, leaving Killer to sit to your right. Needless to say, it was nerve-wracking, though Killer keeps your fear at bay simply by being by your side. Yet Souil's presence makes you absolutely uneasy. Even while dining you can feel his gaze on you and you had to resist the urge of taking your fork and stabbing him in the eye and pulling it out. No, you couldn't throw your hard work of keeping yourself sane into just one action, you had to plan it. Whether it be running away, overthrowing your own family, or whatever it may be. Overthrowing your parents sounded like a good idea since in just a few months you'll be-
                "Oh I can't wait for our daughter's wedding next week!" Your mother gushes.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 13 3
Master- Kid x Android!Reader pt.1

    Metal clinking, wood creaking, heavy breathing. The waves crash against the side of the ship as it always does. Such a fine day outside, but there are much more important matters to attend to than spending the day outside and having fun. Fun wasn't in his vocabulary anyway. Eustass Kid, once again in his own little mechanized paradise with constant help from his first mate, Killer. After days of working on a project, he has finally done it and hopefully, it's successful this time around.
    It was seated in a chair, carefully placed, and he held both of its hands in his own silently hoping its activation would go off without a hitch. He flips the switch on its nape and on the base of its neck a green light beeps continuously. He faintly hears whirring inside its mechanism. He grows impatient and a scowl paints his lips.
    “What is wrong with that damn thing? It sh
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 34 11
Come here pt.4/ Dear Reader pt.2 Law's Birthday

                /Yes? /
                "I learned something today."
                /Oh, that's nice. What is it? /
                "Someone named Trafalgar Law has a birthday tomorrow. I think we should give them a gift."
                /Oh yeah that's right! What do you want to do though? /
                "Put me into one of your stories!"
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 21 6
Low Class pt.4

                You spend time with Luffy and his friends until they had to go back to their classes. You wave goodbye and you are left alone again. You decide to go back to the Coliseum again since you wanted to talk to Kid for no apparent reason. Maybe comfort from another demon. You reach the forest and while walking you can hear the screams of the audience just asking for more bloodshed.
                'I'm surprised they have something like this in a school.' You thought.
                For others, it was a bit too extreme but with your past experiences, nothing comes close. You enter the place and sit on the lowest part of the seats so he can see you clearly. It was a 5 v 1 match with Kid all alone. You sit comfortably and watch his movements careful
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 25 7
Dear Reader- OP Fanfic

                (Disclaimer: This is a One Piece fan fiction)
                You open your eyes and sit up. You look around confused.
                "What? Where's that voice coming from?" You ask.
                You stand up and look around. Everything is white.
                "Where am I? Hello? Help please!" You plead.
                "Who's there?" You look around wildly.
                "What are you saying? Are you narrating me?"
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 3 5
Low Class pt.3

                A white haired man approaches you.
                "Luffy, if you're bringing a visitor then come to me first, don't just barge in there." The man reminds.
                "Oh, sorry Smokie!" Luffy laughs.
                The man grumbles and gives you a visitor's pass.
                You smile at him and thank him.
                You all pass the gates and go into a building. You look around with curiosity and instinctively go closer to Luffy.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 28 12
Low Class- One Piece x Reader pt.2

                Sabo prepares dinner and you watch Luffy and Ace play video games. You follow their hand movements and you are amazed.
                "Such coordinated movements." You marvel.
                Luffy notices you and pauses the game. He offers his controller to you and you just look at it.
                "Want to try?" Luffy asks.
                "Yeah, try it out." Ace adds.
                "I'd rather not. You may go back to your uhh." You pause as you forget the term they used.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 23 9
Low Class- One Piece x Reader pt.1 (AU)

                The three brothers do what they usually do on their spare time. Ace and Luffy are both sitting on the couch playing video games, while Sabo is cleaning up after them. Instrumental music is playing and sets the peaceful mood throughout the house. Sabo's phone rings, saying that there is something to be done at the college he and Ace are currently studying at.
                "Ace! Get your butt off the couch and let's go. Mr. Edward has something for us to do." He says before getting his coat and his bag at the counter.
                "Ehhh? Whitebeard? He's strong; he can do things by himself." Ace remarks as he never takes his eyes off the screen.
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 43 6
Rescue- Killer x Reader pt.5

                The day continues like it normally does; only you feel safer  and as strange as it sounds, happier. Killer's presence really assures you that everything will be okay and that nothing bad will happen to you. Every time you feel uneasy, scared, or anything of the sort you would just glance at him and everything unpleasant will go away. Night falls and dinner ends, leaving you and Killer to walk back to your room. The moonlight filters through the windows and you admire them for a second before having your blissful state broken by your sister. She stands several feet away from you, a teddy bear in hand and with a tired expression.
                "Sister?" She calls with a frown.
                "Yes my little Vanya?" Yo
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 25 21
Family- Killer x Reader pt.4

               You ran on deck with wide eyes and you were about to jump until someone came in before you could. You realized it was Killer and you perched yourself on the railing, wanting to see two people under the surface of the water. You looked around the area, panicking with tears rolling down your cheeks though they weren’t visible because of the rain. You heard something resurface and saw Kid motionless and Killer supporting him a little ways from where Kid had fallen. Getting a rope with twitchy hands you tossed it to them and let out a shaky breath as he caught it. They got themselves on board and surprisingly the storm stopped raging and the clouds rolled away, letting you bask in sunlight.
                You pumped Kid’s chest as you bit your lip in panic, and you swore you could have fainted in relief wh
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 38 18
Come here- Law x Reader pt.3

                After the swapping incident, you just went back to your room with Red and slept through the day. Evening comes and you aren't at the kitchen eating dinner with everyone, so Law becomes concerned. He opens the door to your room to deliver a tray of food and opens the light and sees you fast asleep. He chuckles as he sits on the side of your bed and looks at your face. He sets the tray down on your bedside table and notices the familiar set of goggles.
                "I'm not in the mood to eat right now." You murmur with your eyes closed.
                "Well you need to eat something." He explains, taking the goggles and examining it.
                You open your ey
:iconpsychoticchoco:PsychoticChoco 43 19


Assemble pt10 ~ Final

        “This seems excessive…” Law states, looking over the battle gear you had equipped them all with.
         “Most of the androids in town are law enforcement, they’re built for combat, while the supernovas were supposed to be servant androids… Although I think we programmers were trying to be a bit more creative with your models…” You admit, sharing a glance with Shanks.
      “I cant wait to see what the ones you designed do.” He rumbles.
       “Pardon?” Drake asks.
       “Not only did we contribute to all the models, we were also allowed to design two androids, and work together on a third. Zoro and Luffy are my designs.” Shanks informs them.
       “Who did you design?” Luffy asks you curiously.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 93 26
Assemble pt9~ Supernovas Assembled

        You go through your work shop lost in thought as you look over the prototypes, picking out a Haki rifle. “This’ll come in useful…” You murmur going out.
        “Ready?” Law asks.
        “Yeah, we’ll be back soon,” You tell the other androids.
       “Be careful ___, seems people are getting more antsy.” Urouge gestures to the tv.
        “Don’t worry, I’ll try not to draw too much attention. Lets move out Law.” You tell him heading out to the truck and getting in the drivers side. Law climbs in, turning on the GPS.  
         “They’re closer now.” He murmurs.
        “Good.” You smile driving off for town. “I cant believe things are still crazy, youd think theyd calm d
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 79 15
Assemble pt8~ Trafalgar Law x Reader

       The next town was a mess, you and Law exchange a frown. "I'll Uh... Be right back." You tell him getting out. You turn and pause seeing a blond Android standing by patiently. "Uh.... Hello?" You greet awkwardly.
      "I'm Hawkins I'll go to the back, you'll hear the other one, but hurry there's a fifty percent chance he will be destroyed before you reach him." He says walking to the back. You pale at that diving back into the truck and grabbing your gun before rushing down the street. An obnoxious sound catches your ear and you head for it, turning a corner and crashing into an android body. You fall back and blink up at him as he blinks at you.
      "Supernova?" You ask. He pauses and picks you up, slinging you over his shoulder while laughing oddly.
      "There you are! I've been looking for you!" He rumbles.
      "Hah?" You huff as a mob of angry townies ap
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 116 9
Assemble pt7~ Trafalgar Law x Reader

      You peer back at the map and tilt your head.  "Is that one in the forest?" You ask carefully. Law looks at it and nods.
      "Appears so, just around the next turn." He let's you know. 
      "Alright then..." You take the next turn, pulling up behind some trees. "I'll go find him, you two stay here." You tell them grabbing the locator and getting out. 
       "Call if you need me ___." Law tells you. 
       "I will." You offer a smile before starting into the forest. 
       "So... You kissed your master. That's taboo." Jewelry hums from the back. 
       "The only difference between us and humans is substance now thanks to her. So I don't think it's taboo..." He responds watching after you. 
       "Then you must feel something for her Huh?" She giggles. Law frow
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 109 45
Assemble pt6 ~ Trafalgar Law x Reader

     You wake up the next morning, stretching and pausing. You look down at the android arm over your waist. A forehead presses between your shoulder blades. Glancing back you let out a breath seeing Law. You looked like he asleep. 
      "Law?" You murmur touching his hand. His eyes ease open, golden orbs sliding up to yours. "Are you okay?" You ask. 
      "Yes..  I tried the dream chip..." He admits. You blink and sit up turning to him. 
      "You did? How was it? Did you like it? Did you dream?" You ask curiously. He blinks and smiles. 
     "I think so... There were all kinds of colors... And then I saw an Android. Told me to take care of his dear master." He recalls looking at you. You pause at that and smile. 
     "So it works, that's great Law, but Uh... Why were you in my bed with me?" You inquire. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 120 48
OC Interview
- Choose one of your OCs to answer the questions provided.
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. ^^
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".
:iconPirateQueenD: Did this and it looked like fun, plus a good way to introduce my OC. I have a little bit written for her, but not much. For these questions, everything is post time-skip.
1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Sirenia, but I like to go by Sai.
2. Cool! What's your current age?
I'm 20
3. Kay, what's your favorite food ?
Anything Sanji cooks. It's hard to remember anything else before once you've tasted his food.
4. Favorite drink?
I suppose sake, although I choose water when we aren't partying.
5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on ?
... Yes, but it's new and confusing.
6. Say, uh... Have you two kissed ?
Absolutely not!
7. Who's your favorite author ?
I haven't really had time for reading... I should ask Robin to recommend some books.
8. Biggest fears?
Not being able to protect those I ca
:iconcatqeen1234:catqeen1234 1 1
How to price your artwork for freelance work
For a while now I have been giving pricing suggestions to artists in the projects forum.  I've had many requests and given a lot of advice.  It is getting to the point where there is so much demand that I just can't keep up on the reviews, so I thought I might lessen the burden a little and help you learn how to price your own artwork.
The problem with pricing your own work is that your opinion is not objective.  You may think that your art is better or worse than it actually is.  This is normal, but to get the best evaluation of your art you should ask for help outside your immediate family and friends.  Remember, the project forum is intended for this very purpose.  After following all the steps outlined in this article I implore you to make a thread in the project forum asking if your pricing assessment is accurate.  For example "Is my art worth $XX USD?" would be an appropriate title for your thread and would hel
:iconserbus:serbus 222 74
Pricing Guide for freelance artists
:wave: This is a really useful resource for artists trying to earn money doing freelance work through the Job Offers forum or elsewhere. The original article is here:
"Hello, all. My name is Kellan Stover, a budding professional illustrator close to finishing up his time at the Savannah College of Art and Design, achieving my BFA in illustration. I felt the need to create this news article for the benefit of every artist on deviantArt who intends to make money from their talent.
When one visits the deviantArt 'Employment Opportunities' forum, they should be shocked at what they find. Startling low prices abound. These are both offered by the clients, as well as quoted by the artists. The sad truth is most people aren't shocked at all. The perceived consensus is that it's business as usual. A lower price means an increased likelihood that a client will do business with you, right? In some ways yes, but not at thi
:iconcupcake-wish:cupcake-wish 21 8
How should I price my art?
If you spend a lot of time in the DA forums, you will see this topic spring up again and again. Whether you want to earn a living doing freelance art, or you just want to do an occasional commission, the following guidelines may help you. For the purposes of this journal I'm going to assume that you developed sufficient skill for potential clients to want to purchase your work. If that is not the case, then get back to studying and practicing :)
1) Why is it so difficult to choose a price? Why can't someone look at my art and tell me what to charge? Because your ability to sell something is not just a matter of assigning a price based on your skill level! If three people can draw the same drawing with the same level of skill, one might be able to sell the art for $10, another might be able to sell the art for $100 and the third might not be able to sell it at all depending on how good they are at "marketing" (seeking out or attracting the best clients and convincing them to
:iconfriendlyhand:FriendlyHand 392 140
Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) page 1 by SabrinasCraftingClub Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) page 1 :iconsabrinascraftingclub:SabrinasCraftingClub 1 0 Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) by SabrinasCraftingClub Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) :iconsabrinascraftingclub:SabrinasCraftingClub 1 0 Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) by SabrinasCraftingClub Cake gift box (wedding/birthday) :iconsabrinascraftingclub:SabrinasCraftingClub 1 0
Ok first off I just want to say this was REALLY difficult to judge ;v; like, every single entry set such a high standard and it was incredibly hard to choose the winners. I wish I could give you all prizes akhsgfjkashgf ;v;
Thank you so much to everyone who entered! You guys always manage to make every event on this group a success and a joy to host ^^
And now, the winners...
:bulletblue:First Place:bulletblue:
by :iconcatqeen1234:
Congratulations! You win:
- 1 Month Core Membership (or 400 points)
- Oneshot request (1000 - 3000 words) written by myself, :iconvizkopa:
Please let me know if you'd prefer a Core Membership or points, and note me with your request! ^^
:bulletred:Second Place:bulletred:
by :iconShadowfollowed:
Congratulations! You win:
- 200 Points
- Drabble request (up to 1000 words) written by me
I'll send your points along shortly and please note me with your request!
:bulletyellow:Third Place:bulletyellow:
by :i
:icononepiece-fiction:OnePiece-Fiction 2 14
Meet The Artist! by FloatingMegane-san Meet The Artist! :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,966 352 Jacksepticeye Fanart! - Chibi by FloatingMegane-san Jacksepticeye Fanart! - Chibi :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 634 31 Rediplier Fanart~!! Chibi.ver by FloatingMegane-san Rediplier Fanart~!! Chibi.ver :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 527 13



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    Saibeforetimeskip By Catqeen1234-date4tt by PsychoticChoco

    Remembering the orange-haired guy's advice earlier, you decide to warp to your summoner, Luffy. A light violet mist comes up from the ground and gently envelops you. On the place you were about to warp, which is actually a classroom, some students were panicking as the light violet mist rolled in and the instructor just seems amused.

    "Miss! Are we being cursed?" A student asks, panicking.

    "No! I think we're being transported to another dimension!" Another shouts.

    "Maybe it's nothing?" A calm student suggests, but it wasn't heard over the commotion.

    "Calm down students, as a professional instructor and guardian of this institution I can tell that this is harmless. There is no need to panic." Her green eyes scan the room, making eye contact with each and every student and putting them at ease.

    Luffy didn't seem to mind the mist, but instead minds the fact that he wasn't able to catch up with the lesson that the instructor was teaching. He can only scratch his head before you suddenly appeared next to him.

    You appear before the students and show a small smile and wave to them. Some wave back awkwardly, while some just stared at you awkwardly.

    "I appear to have interrupted something important, should I leave the room?" You utter sheepishly to the instructor.

    "It's up to you dear visitor. If you wish to stay there are vacant seats there at the back." She says with a cool voice.

    You smile and sit down next to Luffy. Luffy notices a new presence and looks to your direction with a frown. You wave at him and he grins.

    "I didn't know you were here ___!" He says.

    "I just warped here." You smile and turn to the instructor, "Please continue."

    She smiles and nods, continuing the interrupted lesson. She taught the class about biology, the study about life and living organisms. Though only skimming over the basics of it, Luffy seems to have a hard time understanding. You smile at him and tell him that you'll write the important details in his notes later when the class is over. He smiles awkwardly and thanks you.

    Noticing an orange hue, you look behind Luffy's shoulders and notice the same person from before. Connecting to his mind, you speak to him.

    'You told me he was in trouble.'

    He seems alarmed, but notices you looking at him and shakes his head.

    'I told you he might be in trouble, not that he is in trouble. I used an ambiguous word.'

    'If you weren't sure, why tell me?'

    'This place is where people of all races come together and study, and you can't be sure if they have any hidden intentions towards other students.'

    'I get what you mean, but does Luffy have any enemies?'

    'He doesn't as far as I know, but with his personality, he'll clash with people he disagrees with and will try to get it to his way.'

    'I guess he seems like the person to do that.'

    'That's what I'm saying. People like Kid and his gang are people he's bound to disagree with.'

    'I guess you're right, but why help me?'

    'Just a hunch, but you don't seem like an ordinary ruthless demon.'

    'And you don't seem like an ordinary guy in the background.'

    He chuckles and you do too as you make eye contact.

    'What's your name?' He asks.

    '___. Yours?'

    'Drake. Nice to finally know you.'

    You smile at him, 'Nice to finally meet you too.'

    Class ends, and you head out with Luffy and Drake. The instructor calls you with a smile and you excuse yourself from the group.

    "I see that you can warp." She notes.

    "I'm so sorry for the rude interruption!" You bow your head to apologize.

    "Oh it's fine my dear. It's my first time seeing a demon warp in front of me though. I can say, it's pretty impressive." She compliments.

    You blush slightly and chuckle, "Oh uh, t-thank you miss..."

    "Sirenia. Just call me Ms. Sai. And you are?"

    "I am ___. I am Luffy's summoned demon." You introduce.

    "I didn't know Luffy was the type to have a summon."

    "It was an accidental summon, I don't know the details but I was just summoned." You chuckle.

    "Well, that's another demon here. There isn't anyone else around here who's of my race." Her smile falters.

    She notices your curiosity and smirks.

    "Curious are we now?" She asks and you simply nod your head.

    "Do you have any wild guesses?"

    "I have noticed that your voice is rather... soothing. I've read that sirens can control people whenever they sing. Are you a siren Ms. Sai?" You deduct.

    "Correct ___. That is the gist of it, and I only called you to exchange names. I was also curious about you just appearing out of nowhere. Now now, it's time for your summoner's next class and I know you're also coming along." She says.

    "Yes miss!" You cheer.

    You go back to Luffy and Drake and chat along the hallways towards then next subject. Luffy frowns as he's having a hard time in understanding the subject and seems to frown more when he remembers the next subject.

    "What's the next subject?" You ask.

    "Chemistry." He groans.

    "Don't worry Luffy, I'll write notes for you instead." You tell him.

    He grins at that and he hugs you.

    "Thank you ___! You're the best person ever!" He cheers, letting go.

    "I don't think person is the correct term however." You say.

    "Psh! Demon or not, you're my friend and I treat you as a person!" He tells you, and you smile at the thought.

    'As a person huh?' You think to yourself.

    A door flies and crashes to the wall along with a student. Thankfully, the student managed to conjure a shield and doesn't look like he's hurt.

    "Aish! Screw this subject anyway!" He snarls.

    A person with a lab coat steps out and scowls at the back of the student.

    "I don't tolerate bullying in this classroom! Come back when you're nicer to other people!" He shouts as green goop from his eye falls.

        He notices us and smiles at us.

    "Come on students, get in the room." He beckons.

    He notices the pass on you and greets you.

    "I didn't know there were visitors around."

    "I'm having a tour of the classes right now since I'll be enrolling here soon. I'm ___." You offer your hand for a handshake.

    He smiles and takes it.

    "Scar. I'm a professor of Chemistry and the Head of Scientists here at the University. You should drop by sometimes, it's in the entrance building, level 2 underground." He offers.

    "I don't know if I'm allowed there." You chuckle.

    "Just tell them I sent you and they'll let you pass. I only let some students get to see my lab." He explains.

    "Oh! Well it's an honor Mr. Scar." You smile at him.

    "Just Scar is fine. Head inside now, I'll be starting class soon."

    You sit between Luffy and Drake on the same counter and watch as the students start pouring in the room. You gaze in awe at the beaks and saucers meant for holding chemicals and you giggle at the thought of learning more. You turn to Luffy and frown "You don't seem enthusiastic about this Luffy."

    "Classes at Building 1 are hard." He mumbles, fidgeting with a beaker.

    "I guess they are." You only chuckle.

    "He seems to use his brawn more than his brain." Drake notes.

    "I guess so." You agree.

    Class starts and ends in an instant. Luffy seems to have steam coming out of his ear while Drake is totally fine. You finish writing notes for Luffy before giving it back to him.

    He smiles, "Thanks ___. You're a lifesaver."

    You only pat his shoulder and you all went on your ways.

    "Building 1 is interesting. It focuses on more mundane things and I like it." You say as you all walk out the building and enter the courtyard.

    "I don't like Building 1, but I do love the cafeteria!" Luffy cheers before breaking off the group and heading to the cafeteria.

    "I think I should drop by the lab, I want to know more about Scar." You tell Drake.

    He only shrugs and continues walking until you couldn't see him anymore.

    You head towards the entrance building and smile at the thought of the unknown lab. You look around for an elevator and go towards it when a man with a lab coat stops you.

    "You aren't a faculty member are you? Yep, just a visitor." He says.

    "Oh, Scar sent me. I wanted to take a look at the lab." You inform him with a smile and he sighs.

    "Of course he did. I'll give you a tour then." He tells you, stepping inside the elevator and you follow him.

    "You sure about this? There are some things that you just can't unsee." He explains, swiping a key card and pressing the button to the correct floor.

    You only nod and smile at him and he heaves a sigh.

    He extends his hand, "Shitai. A friend of Scar."

    You take his hand, "___. Acquaintance."

    "Seeing as Scar gave you permission to go to the lab, I suppose you're no ordinary visitor." He notes.

    The elevator dings and the doors open.

    "I guess I am. I'm specifically a low-class demon." You say as you get off the elevator.

    "My first time meeting a demon. Didn't expect they were this docile." He hums, leading the way.

    "I'm probably the only docile demon. But of course I can't confirm that." You shrug, following him.

    A shape suddenly flies at you and stops, its face several centimeters from yours. You try to find it's eyes but it is covered with its hair. It smiles and hugs you.

    "Oh." You breathe, hugging it back.

    "That's E-13. He likes hugging people. Just don't provoke him." He informs you.

    E-13 suddenly sneezes but with your reflexes you manage to get out of his hold and get into a defensive position. You see his full appearance now and you can clearly see he has claws for hands. A little bit of blood drips from the tip of his claw and you look at your scratched shoulder. He looks sorry and you wave a dismissive hand.

    "It's not lethal. Don't worry." You smile at him.

    He smiles wider and black goop drips from his mouth.

    "Interesting." You murmur as your eyes widen with curiosity.

    "Moving on."

    Shitai leads you to a room with several operating beds, some bloody, some clean. You can see his concerned gaze though you aren't sure as to why he is concerned.

    "I thought you'd be shocked." He murmurs.

    You shrug, "I've seen worse."

    His eyes narrow at you, "Uh huh... Well moving on." He dismisses.

    Next is a room with shelves lining the walls and fridges on the ground. On the shelves are what seem to be organs of different species in jars, test tubes and the like. Some have strange liquids in it, some have froth, and some have little movements like shaking. Curioser and curioser, you also note the rare minerals on the shelves and make sure to not touch them. You open a fridge and a pungent smell invades your nose and you quickly close it.

    You cough, " Should have seen that coming."

    He leads you to the next room and in the center is a test tube with a visible shape, but not quite human-like.

    "These are on-going experiments. That's what Scar is currently working on. I don't know the details so don't ask." He explains.

    You nod in amazement as your eyes are fixed on the shape bobbing up and down in a strange liquid.

    "Curious?" A voice asks.

    A man appears from behind the test tube and smiles at you.

    "Very much. But I won't ask if the details are sensitive." You say making eye contact with the stranger.

    "Hey Vail." Shitai greets the man, but his demeanor seems to have slightly changed.

    Vail only smiles at him.

    "I think you look better without the illusion, Vail." You tell him, shocking the man.

    "W-What illusion?" He scoffs looking to the side.

    "Don't worry." You say as you remove your bonnet.

    The strange glowing liquid reflects off your horns beautifully and you smile at him.

    "We all have our reasons I guess." You shrug.

    "The only remaining rooms are the living quarters and the kitchen, suppose there's nothing interesting in there for you." Shitai says.

    "This is fine, thank you very much." You thank him, bowing your head slightly.

    "How about some tea? You are a visitor." Vail offers.

    "That would be great, thank you."

    You all go to the kitchen, and another person is in there.

    "You're head is on fire, sir." You tell the person.

    He turns his head to you then looks up at his hair.

    "That's normal. Just don't touch it." He says.

    "Oh." You nod.

    You all sit down while Vail prepares the tea.

    "That's Lenox. He's rather hot-headed if you know what I mean." Shitai jokes which makes you chuckle.

    Lenox just shakes his head with a smile.

    "I believe I still haven't introduced myself to you." You say as you turn to Vail.

    You extend your hand, "___. Pleasure to meet you."

    "Vail. The pleasure is mine." He greets as he shakes your hand.

    "I'm not one for shaking hands, just saying." Lenox says.

    You bow your head, "___."

    He does the same, "Lenox."

    "I have a feeling you'll be coming here often ___." Shitai says.

    "I still have a lot to learn, and this place is rather interesting, so I will." You say.

    Vail sets the tea down and gives everyone a cup. You notice Vail's appearance has changed.

    "That's better." You smile and he smiles at you too.

 Welcome  To The Lab By Wolfchild23 Drawings-daxxhe by PsychoticChoco

Low Class pt.6
Hey darlings I'm back ( kind of ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Special thanks to :iconwolfchild23-drawings: for letting me borrow his OCs, and also to :iconcatqeen1234: for also letting me borrow her OC <3
While writing their parts, I was so terrified, thinking that maybe I might write them wrong, so to these people who let me borrow these OCs,
I can make some adjustments to their personalities, how they talk, how they react to some things and stuff like that.
Will borrow more OCs in the future so stay tuned darlings 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
just need one more detail before the release of low class ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
so, choose one of my stories on which I should do next, the one's that more people want more are Come Here, Family, and I'm going to revise Scardead because of :iconscyld17: yes darling don't worry I love scardead too much to abandon it
Master is also coming soon, just waiting for :iconshikyojinsei: to send the part and we caN GET WRITING BOII
im feeling really enthusiastic sorry 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Low Class part uhhh... PART 6
part 6 is in the making! I already wrote some parts on paper, but being the idiot I am I lost it :\
to the two people who gave me their OCs to use, they wiLL BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE ON THE NEXT CHAPTER OH YEH
sorry for making you guys wait so long :'(
will be discontinuing SCARDEAD
but it will be back, as I will be revising it
soon though HAHAHA
sorry for being gone so long
title yeah
one more day darlings, tomorrow is THE ONLY DAY TO CLEAR THE CLEARANCE THEY GAVE TO US
wtf right that should be a week, or even several weeks
Still have thesis, might have requirements to fulfill
we're in debt in school, 17K to pay for the fucking tuition that I want to refund since I LEARNED NOTHING
sure i gained new friends, but fucking hell the tuition fee is not worth it
okay im lying at the last part, our school actually looks pretty good FROM THE OUTSIDE
go enroll and you just want to die
that opinion was very biased since, as people here don't really know is that I got "sad" since I came here
I don't want to use the term "depressed" lightly since I know people have it wore than me, and I'm not even clinically diagnosed
Yeah I guess you can only call yourself depressed if you diagnosed, any other time you call yourself that people will just ask you if you're diagnosed with it
Say no and they'll say SUCK IT UP
Say yes and they'll sympathize you

idfk with people man
Hopefully suffering ends soon


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